Smoothie Book Special

Are you ready to feel amazing??

How about something refreshing and satisfying, yet healthy, slimming and energizing at the same time?

Chances are you have heard the buzz about green smoothies.  If so, you probably fall into one of the following 2 categories and our brand new smoothie book is for YOU!

  • You want to try making smoothies, but don’t know where to start
  • You love smoothies and have incorporated them into your daily routine, but are getting a little bored or looking for new ideassmoothies3txt

From the amateur to the connoisseur, our brand new smoothie e-book contains 25 easy, mouthwatering, creative, uber nutritious, super simple smoothie recipes free of any added sugars.

Yup, these are made with just wholesome fruits and vegetables plus some of our favorite health-boosting ingredients to upgrade your health, get your energy levels soaring, and waistlines trim.  Just adding one of these refreshing smoothies daily can be life changing for you.

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smoothieattableWe are two busy, working moms, nutritionists and smoothie junkies who have seen smoothies transform the lives of many of our clients…
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