Sweet Dreams Virtual Summit for better sleep

Are you ready for a good night’s sleep?
These experts will tell you how to get more sleep so you can feel refreshed all day long!



“Sleep is the best meditation” – Dalai Lama

Day One — December 10th, 2015

How Nutrition Affects Sleep

In this Talk you will learn:

  • What foods may interfere with sleep
  • How to eat for quality zzz’s
  • Our personal sleep strategies


Ayurveda and Sleep

In this Talk you will learn:

  • What is Ayurveda?
  • How your body type can determine your health needs
  • How to have a life in rhythm
  • Why waking early sets your brain up for a productive day
  • A technique that makes you relax instantly

How Essential Oils help you Sleep Better

In this Talk You’ll Learn:

  • Why essential oils are not oils at all
  • The best place on your body to try new essential oils
  • The many uses of essential oils
  • How essential oils can help with sleep


Cathe Friedrich

Exercise and Sleep

In this Talk You’ll Learn:

  • The relationship between exercise and sleep
  • How exercise needs change as we get older
  • What you need in an exercise plan and how to get started


Day Two — December 11th, 2015

Mark Sircus

Magnesium Deficiency and More

In this Talk you will learn:

  • How sleep disturbances and magnesium deficiency are related
  • What is a Magnesium massage
  • Magnesium deficiency
  • What is a bio mat
  • How your breathing can be an indication of your health

Marti Daly

Hypnosis and Sleep

In this Talk you will learn:

  • Common misconceptions of hypnosis
  • 3 ways that hypnosis can help you sleep better
  • The 478 technique that puts you to sleep in minutes
  • Progressive relaxation
  • Find your sleepy place

Hormone Balance, Hot Flashes

In this Talk you will learn:

  • The vicious cycle with hormonal imbalance and sleep disturbances
  • Symptoms of imbalanced hormones.
  • Herbs and techniques that can help re-balance our hormones

Day Three — December 12th, 2015

How EFT can help your Late Night Anxiety

In this Talk you will learn

  • How EFT works
  • What it can do to reduce physical pain, emotional stress and mental anxiety
  • An interactive lesson on how to effectively use EFT to get to sleep and sleep deeply.

Clint Ober

How Earthing Affects Your Body

In this Talk you’ll learn:

  • How to use the earth to energize your whole body
  • Reduce your body inflammation with this technique
  • What is causing your chronic pain and how to remove it permanently
  • Your body’s connection to the earth and how that affects your health


Adrenal and Cortisol Balance

In this Talk you will learn:

  • How sleep issues are related to electronics
  • What are the adrenal glands and how does it affect sleep
  • Cortisol and sleep
  • How to support your adrenals and sleep better naturally

Day Four — December 10th, 2015

How Holosync Technology paves the way to a Relaxing Sleep

In this Talk you will learn:

  • How sounds can create a peaceful, deep meditation
  • How your brain affects your sleep
  • Your reaction to stress and how meditation counteracts this

Homeopathy and Sleep

In this Talk you will learn:

  • How homeopathy can correct underlying issues that can help sleep issues
  • Shocks and trauma that interfere with sleep
  • Inherited baggage and the affect it has on sleep
  • Primary and secondary disease
  • Establishing a positive sleep routine

Neurotransmitters and Sleep

In this Talk you will learn:

  • How brain chemicals affect your sleep
  • Learn about lesser known sleep disruptors: mold, infections, thyroid
  • Minimizing EMFs (electromagnetic fields that emit radiation from electronic devices)

Be a winner!  Register by December 9th to win one of 3 Sweet Dreams Sleep Packs including a relaxing sleep mask, blue light blocking glasses and the best lavender oil.  Winners will be announced on the day after the summit, December 14th.

[content_box_grey width=”75%”] “Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” – Thomas Dekker[/content_box_grey]  

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