Mega Energy Breakthrough 2014

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 Get your energy back – so you can live your life, and have more fun doing it!

Bid exhaustion buh-bye, and hit the “restart” button on your body

Figure out why you still feel like “crap”/can’t lose weight even though you feel like you are doing everything right (eating well and exercising)

Ditch the belly bloat you’ve been dealing with for too long

Drop 5 pounds (or more) before the holidays

Nourish your body with real fuel

Our clients describe our programs as fun, accessible, educational, powerful, effective, life-changing, AND delicious! You won’t be tempted to give up or give in to your cravings because you will feel better every day.

 This program is a flawless fit for anyone who wants to: [green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]

  • Ditch the afternoon crash and burn (you can make it to through the workday without coffee or sugary snacks – promise!)
  • Stop sitting on the sidelines or no longer feel embarrassed because you can’t keep up with your kids or your peers
  • Shed weight naturally
  • Look younger, and feel lighter
  • Reduce your toxic load (and the extra pounds it keeps on)
  • Rev up your metabolism

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I’m ready to get started!

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Let us quickly introduce ourselves . . .

collage jsHi, I’m Jane (that’s me on the left), a registered dietitian/nutritionist and integrative nutrition counselor.  My path to nutrition began back in college when I came home after freshman year quite a few pounds heavier than when I left home. 

My ensuing battle with my weight, including years of crash dieting and over exercising, inspired me to seek out a career in nutrition where I discovered a healthier and saner approach to long term weight and health management. 

Hi, I’m Stephanie (over there on the right!), a certified nutrition consultant and holistic health practitioner.  Years ago I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (translation – digestive issues with no apparent cause), which left me with periods of severe abdominal pain, bloating and other challenging symptoms. 

After changing my diet, my debilitating IBS symptoms vanished (bonus benefit – my fatigue improved tremendously as well).  I was so enlightened by the changes I felt that I went back to school for nutrition and have been helping people ever since.

Together, We are the Nourishing Gurus!
Not only have we helped our clients make transformational lifestyle changes, but we have been able to resolve many of our own health issues with clean eating that supports our own individual needs. Through our 35 years of combined experience, we have learned WHAT WORKS to help our clients achieve their weight, energy and health goals.

Why You’re Gonna Love
This Program!

  • We get back to basics. 
  • We show you step-by-step how to boost your energy naturally. Our system of clean eating tells you exactly what to eat, what to shop for, how to prepare it, and what you need to know to transform your body into a lean, clean, energized machine.
  • We help you say goodbye to the toxic foods that are keeping you from feeling vibrant and lean.


[content_box_grey width=”75%”] “Take care of your body.  It’s the only place you have to live” – Jim Rohn[/content_box_grey]  woman smiling text


Are you ready to revitalize your body?

Are you ready to change the way you look and feel?

Sign up by October 30th!

woman on swingWhat you can expect:

You really CAN transform your life in 21 days! Mega Energy Breakthrough is a process of discovering the right way to prepare the right fuel for you body. 

We know that making changes can be overwhelming – and that’s why we did all the planning for you.

There are tons of delicious, easy recipes for you to choose from and with our suggested meal planner, shopping list, and busy lifestyle strategies, you will be shocked at how easy clean eating can be.

 [content_box_light_green width=”75%”]There will be a Kick Off/Informational Call on October 30th.
Program Starts November 3 and runs through November 24th

The 21-day Mega Energy Breakthrough Includes: [green_plus_list width=”100%”]

  • Easy Intro Guide: Information-packed guide with explanations for how and why specific foods enhance energy and spark metabolism (including the “why” behind foods that drain and zap  your metabolic fire).
  • Daily Protocol: Step by step guide for what and HOW to eat, including sections on dining out, working from home, and 8 questions  to ask yourself daily for super success.
  • Recipe Book: Featuring more than 60 recipes that will not only energize you naturally, but will also improve digestion, decrease inflammation, and keep you feeling satisfied (all recipes are gluten and dairy free).
  • 5-Days at a Glance Meals Guide: Plan ahead and avoid that last minute scramble when you don’t know what to eat.
  • support breeds successShopping List: Makes shopping super easy . . . which makes prepping, preparing, and cooking so much easier.
  • Private Facebook Page: Join a community of like-minded people with similar health goals and share the experience together! We use the page to provide steady support through the program so no one has to feel like they are doing it alone.
  • Busy lifestyle section packed with short cuts so that you can follow the program even with a hectic schedule. [/green_plus_list]

Wait, there’s MORE!

Check out all our great BONUSES:

As our past participants know, we over deliver. This program is NO different! EVERYONE who joins our program gets access to ALL of the following bonuses.

  • Beyond Food Guide: Our extra guide offers amazing non-food strategies that address everything from quick but effective exercise suggestions (hint: some from a real exercise guru!), to simple strategies for relieving stress and improving sleep (lots of goodies in here).
  • Cheat Sheet – Energizing Snack Makeover: Similar to our Breakfast Makeover, this Snack Makeover highlights 4 typical energy zapping snack foods and exactly what DELICIOUS substitutes to swap them out for.
  • Cheat Sheet – Energizing MIND Makeover: See which common negative thoughts may be sabotaging your mindset and therefore interfering with making positive changes in your health goals. Discover some creative ways to change your mindset and start thinking positively.
  • Top Notch Strategies for Navigating the Party Scene with Ease: Trouble making healthy choices through the holiday party season? Our simple guide offers great tips and strategies for how to keep the pounds from piling on at your next event.
  • How to Keep Yourself Well Nourished When out on the Shopping Trail. Do you often find yourself stuck at the mall with nothing to eat but Annie’s pretzels and Cinnabuns? Use our holiday mall survival skills to get you through your next shopping spree.


The first 10 participants to sign up for the program receive our popular
“Don’t Be Duped by Labels” Savvy Shopper Course.

If you want to become the smartest, savviest grocery shopper, this course comes with 3 modules AND supportive handouts packed with upgraded and updated information on everything from what to REALLY look for on the nutrition panel (its not what you think), to how to interpret the ingredient list and how to steer clear of misleading food claims.  No Longer Available

Don’t just take our word for it . . . see what people are saying from past programs:

[features_box_light_green width=”75%” + border=”1px”] My inflammation story … is how I eventually came to knocathew
Jane and Stephanie. Prior to working with them on my condition I worked with two other nutritionists who improved my condition somewhat but it wasn’t until I was under the Nourishing Guru’s guidance in the last 6 months that I feel like the Cathe of four years ago has returned.  
They are a superb nutritional team who have been a GREAT source of help for me. I highly recommend them to anyone who asks me if I know of any really good nutritionists.

Cathe Friedrich


[features_box_light_green width=”75%” + border=”1px”] I just got on the scale this morning and I was 149 for the first time in years. When I started [the program] I was 160! Your advice is right on track and I feel so much better about how I am treating the inside of my body. Through the cleanse I was able to reconnect with food in a way I had forgotten since becoming a mother, working full time, and living a harried life. I learned about foods and food products that I was unfamiliar with and loved trying the great recipes! Having Jane and Stephanie’s expertise and positive energy was a great motivator. I feel better even after 7 days and now know what to focus on for better health for me and my family. Thank you, Gurus!”
Kathy Maldonado

[features_box_light_green width=”75%” + border=”1px”] I learned so much from this program it’s hard to know where tojcurry start. I learned to listen to my body for hunger signs so I no longer count calories. I also learned when to stop eating and what happens to my body when I overeat. I learned how to make healthy food choices. Most of all I learned how to get control back. Control over food so I can enjoy it, not fear it. The support in this program is terrific!! Both nutritionists answered any questions I had and the other participants were very supportive. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn more about food, how it affects their body and anyone who wants to feel great! 
Jackie Currie [/features_box_light_green]

[features_box_light_green width=”75%” + border=”1px”] Since doing the program I can’t imagine going backwards! I have much more energy. It’s 8:15am and I have already changed linens, started cooking, have a wash going, and dusted all the furniture. I usually have no energy and do these things in small segments. Also I lost another pound (10 pounds total)! Thank you Gurus!”
Judi Layman

We are so confident that you are going to LOVE this program that if you are not happy for any reason, just let us know within 7 days and we’ll promptly and happily refund all of your money, no questions asked. 


Jump in now so you can feel clearer, lighter and more vibrant for the holiday season!

Reminder:  sign up by October 30th!

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Introductory Investment $97


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