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Here’s what is included in Mega Energy Breakthough

  • Welcome training that details how to break down this program and get started
  • Easy Intro Guide: Your go-to source for how and why specific foods enhance energy and spark metabolism, including the “why” behind foods that drain and zap your metabolic fire
  • Daily Protocol: Step by step guide for what and HOW to eat, including sections on dining out, working from home, and 8 questions to ask yourself daily for super success
  • Recipe Book: Featuring more than 70 delicious recipes that will not only energize you naturally, but will also improve digestion, decrease inflammation, and keep you feeling satisfied – all recipes are gluten and dairy free
  • 7 Days at a Glance: Plan ahead and avoid that last minute scramble when you don’t know what to eat
  • Shopping List: Makes shopping super easy . . . which makes prepping, preparing, and cooking so much easier
  • Busy lifestyle section: Filled with lots of short-cuts so that you can follow the program even with a hectic schedule
  • Work at Home Guide: If you work from home in one way or another, you will want to read this!
  • Private Facebook Group: where we created a community of like-minded people with similar health goals and share the experience together! We always have an amazing groups in our programs and this will be no different
  • Wrap up training at the end to show you how to transition back into the “real world” and to create lasting change with what you have uncovered in the program

  • BONUS: Beyond Food Guide: Your guide for amazing non-food strategies that address everything from quick but effective exercise suggestions (hint: some from a real exercise guru!), to simple strategies for relieving stress – lots of goodies in here
  • BONUS: Banish the Bloat Guide: This extra guide offers special support to those who truly struggle with belly bloat. The strategies outlined here dive even deeper into helping you get some real resolution for this common digestive issue
  • BONUS: Sweet Dreams Sleep Summit – Interviews and more from experts so you can finally get a restful sleep (it’s hard to have energy when you don’t get enough sleep!)

If after 30 days you are not 100% satisfied by the 30th day, then just go ahead and email us and we will refund your money no questions asked, except what can we do to make this program better.

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Nancy Ott

Before Mega Energy Breakthrough I was already living a healthy lifestyle with what I thought was a “clean” diet. However, I have battled debilitating abdominal pain since I was a teenager and while tests show how inflamed and tore up my digestive tract is no doctor has been able to find a cause.

I was starting to not care about what I was eating because no matter what I ate I was in constant pain & discomfort. The Mega Energy Breakthrough program helped me identify some pretty major food sensitivities. It also helped me realize that my “clean” eating plan needed a lot of tuning up.

The program helped me revamp my entire outlook on food, my relationship with food, and guided me in how I could tune up my lifestyle even further. On top of all of that this is the first time in more than 20 years that I have been able to enjoy food without abdominal pain. Other than the reactions to my particular food sensitivities, I was pain free 3 days into this program. To say it has been life changing is an understatement!

Nancy Ott

Christine Velia

As I am nearing 40 I am finding that my body and energy levels are changing. I joined Mega Energy to see if I could find ways to address these concerns and I have to say I have found the changes that I am feeling in my body and energy levels to be immense.

Within the first two/three days I noticed less bloating in my stomach, I relied less on coffee and felt an immediate boost in my self-esteem (and have lost about 7 pounds as an added bonus).

The recipes are delicious, easy to cook and easy to customize based on my personal tastes. Overall this is a wonderful program that helped me to become more self-aware of how I want to feel and which foods will help me to achieve that goal. I honestly found the whole experience to be quite transformational!

Christine Velia

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