HE Module 3

Welcome to Module 3! Mindset Success for Life
Below is where you will access everything you will need for module 3 as it’s released.

 Exploring Your Relationship with Food:

HANDOUTS: (click to access)

Overcoming Obstacles

Use the above handout to list out all of your obstacles with eating healthy.  

Changing Your Food Story

Mind Energy Action Guide

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Worksheet, Overcoming Obstacles completed

Worksheet, Changing Your Food Story completed


Time Support Part 1

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Big Rocks

NOT to Do List

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Worksheet, Big Rocks completed

Worksheet, Not to Do List completed


Time Support Part 2

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Power of No

Where Did the Day Go?

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Power of NO! completed (2 points!)

Where Did the Day Go? worksheet completed


Healthy Habits

HANDOUTS: (click to access)

Healthy Habits Worksheet

25 Healthy Habit Ideas

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Healthy Habit Worksheet completed


Staying on Track Long Term

HANDOUT: (click to access)

Taming Your Inner Rebel

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Inner Rebel Worksheet completed


Bonus Training

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Visualization Exercise




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Video Watched and Celebrated

Visualization Worksheet and Visualization exercise completed



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