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We are The Nourishing Gurus and this is the perfect time to start taking care of yourself!


Have you experienced one or more of the following:

*inability to lose weight or keep weight off

*bloating, gas, reflux or other gastrointestinal issues

*eating, but never really feeling satiated

*trouble falling asleep or staying asleep

*joint pain   *lack of focus  * sugar or carb cravings

If you said yes to at least one of these symptoms, then it is time to RECHARGE your body!

Stephanie Goodman, CNC, and Jane Schwartz, RD,CLT, of The Nourishing Gurus, have over 30

years of nutritional experience and will help you get started RECHARGING this SUMMER.


We are offering a


to help you jump start your healthy summer!


In this free class you will learn:

1. One of the biggest secrets to having success in achieving overall health.

We have worked with hundreds of clients over the years and while everyone is different, there is one necessary strategy that is needed across the board.

13644300_s2. Tasty easy energy enhancing recipes.

You will be introduced to nourishing and delicious recipes that are simple to prepare.

3. Success strategies we use with our clients to produce lasting change.

Hear about what we have learned about getting to and maintaining your goals.

4. About an exercise that requires NO SWEAT! 

Discover how your health is impacting your life on a daily basis.


**We will give you a PREVIEW and SPECIAL OFFER for our new upcoming SUPER SUMMER RECHARGE PROGRAMYou won’t want to miss this unique opportunity to recharge yourself this summer.**

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The class will be available June 24th!


This is the summer to


Who are we?

We are The Nourishing Gurus!


SONY DSCStephanie Goodman, CNC is a Certified Nutrition Consultant and Holistic Health Practitioner, and the owner of Progressive Nutrition Solutions LLC.  She is the consulting nutritionist at Healing Oceans Family Wellness Center and Network Chiropractic of Somerset.  Stephanie is passionate about supporting her clients in their journey to ultimate wellness.

Jane Schwartz, RD, CLT is a Registered Dietitian and Integrative Nutritionist.   In addition to her private practice, she is the Outpatient Dietitian at Princeton University Medical Center and nutrition consultant for Baldwin Publishing in Washington Crossing. Jane is dedicated to helping her clients navigate the often confusing and frustrating world of nutrition, chronic disease and weight loss.



We want you to feel and look your best!

We look forward to supporting you!!

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